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Senior Safe Meet Us

Ryan Falkner Senior Resource Deputy

Ryan Falkner img

I am Ryan Falkner, the Senior Resource Deputy at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.  I have been with the Sheriff’s Office for 15 years.  During my time, I have been assigned to the jail, inmate transportation, court security, patrol, and now community resources.  I have also been on special teams such as S.O.R.T. (SWAT for the jail), S.D.U. (Riot Control), and Wildland Fire Crew.  I was the corporal for Court Security before I moved to this role.

I took this role to pursue my passion as Senior Resource Deputy.  I have the utmost respect for previous generations as I recognize their efforts to make my generation better.  With that, I want to thank everyone for their struggles, my life has been a blessing partly because of those actions.  If it wasn’t for the struggles your generation went through, I would not have such a wonderful life.  I am honored for this opportunity to give back to those I care deeply about.

The mission of my position is to educate and inform older adults, staff members, and loved ones to minimize the victimization of our senior citizens.  I will be spreading information in several ways; social media, websites, newsletters, one on one consultations, and group classes.  I will stay up to date on all crime trends within the communities of the county.  I plan on being in the communities as much as possible.  This is an effort for everyone to get comfortable with me and vice versa.  I look forward to the role of your Senior Resource Deputy.