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Health, Welfare & Safety of Inmates

Health, Welfare & Safety of Inmates

Health :

Everyone who is arrested receives a medical assessment during booking. Inmates receive a full physical within the first 14 days of custody. Our mental health staff is available daily to meet the needs of people in custody.

Our facility has medical staff on duty 24/7. Our medical unit is equipped with exam rooms, hospital beds, and a negative airflow room.

Inmates are given basic hygiene items and three meals a day during their stay.

Welfare and re-entry services :

The Sheriff’s Office partners with local mental health resources to provide services to uphold the continuity of care upon release.

In addition, we partner with the Douglas County Department of Human Services to connect inmates with eligible services and benefits for basic needs when they are released back into the community.

The jail is compliant with the Americans with Disability Act.

PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) :

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has zero tolerance for any sexual misconduct, which includes sexual assault or sexual harassment.

If you were a victim of sexual assault or harassment while in custody, or know about a sexual assault or harassment, please report it by emailing or by calling 303-660-7500 and ask to file a police report.

Safety :

The jail is committed to providing a safe environment for inmates and staff. One way that happens is by completing a classification assessment on each inmate. Inmates are classified into several different housing units based on a variety of factors and takes into account inmate vulnerabilities and safety factors.  Our housing units are staffed round the clock to secure each pod and supervise activities.