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What to Expect

What happens when someone goes to jail?

First They are booked :

After someone is arrested, they are brought to the jail located at 4000 Justice Way in Castle Rock, Colorado. The jail is located in the Robert A. Christensen Justice Center.

The inmates are interviewed while deputies fill out paperwork about their arrest. Then, they are photographed, fingerprinted and a sample is taken of their DNA with a mouth swab. The process can take several hours.

During booking, the arrestees are allowed to make a limited number of free phone calls to attorneys, family, friends and bondsmen. Once an inmate is inside the jail, staff will not relay messages to him from people outside of the facility.

Learn more about communicating with inmates and view rules about visiting inmates.

Second They get a chance to post bond. :

After booking, inmates can post bond or be moved to a housing area to stay through the court process until the bond is paid or until their sentences are complete.

In some cases, the judge does not allow the inmate to bond out. In that case, the inmate is seen by a judge or magistrate the following day.

If the inmate has been charged with a crime from another police department, they will be transported to that agency. For security reasons, we do not release information about transports to the public.

What happens to their money?

If the arrestee has any money (U.S. currency only) at the time of booking, it will be deposited into an account under their name. They can spend it at the commissary, on haircuts, work release fees, medical and dental co-pays, and bond.

The inmate is provided with basic hygiene items and three meals a day during their stay and can buy other items from the commissary. Items from the commissary are delivered once a week and must be ordered by 6:00 p.m. on Monday to be delivered on Wednesday.

When inmates are released from jail, any money leftover is returned to them in a prepaid MasterCard.

To add money to an inmate’s account, please visit or call 866-345-1884.

What happens to their personal property?

If arrestees have property, Sheriff’s Office staff inventories and safeguards it until the time of release.

Property will not be released to family or friends unless it’s an emergency. In that case, the inmate must request the release in writing. It is the responsibility of the inmate to tell the person when and where to pick it up. They will need to show a picture I.D.