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Sheriff's Office Divisions and Units

Animal Services

The Douglas County Animal Law Enforcement Department strives to ensure that animals, their owners and neighbors live in safety and harmony. If all pet owners adhere to the basic responsibilities associated with owning a pet, most conflicts can be peacefully resolved.
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Budget & Logistics

The financial structure within the Sheriff’s Office coincides with the organizational structure and enables functional budgeting of both revenues and expenditures.
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Community Resources

We want everyone to be alert, smart and safe. So we take an active part in the community. We show people how to prevent crime.
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The Detention Division or the Douglas County Jail is headquartered at the Robert A. Christensen Justice Center and encompasses the inmate detention facility or Jail, court services section, inmate classification section, inmate programs section, and the work release program.
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Emergency Management

The Douglas County Office of Emergency Management is the main hub for the coordination of disaster management and training; homeland security; emergency preparedness and education; multi-agency cooperation; and emergency medical and trauma system coordination within the County.
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The mission of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division is to effectively, ethically, and professionally investigate serious criminal complaints and to focus on excellence in the preparation of those cases referred to the District Attorney for prosecution.
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The mission of the Patrol Division is to protect life and property and maintain peace and order through the vigilant enforcement of the law, and the relentless effort to bring to justice those who prey upon the innocent while demonstrating the highest level of Courage, Honor, Integrity, and Professionalism.
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Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Division ensures the appropriate level of training for law enforcement personnel, and to promote public confidence in law enforcement by making sure all divisions within the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and staff are aware and in compliance with the policies and procedures at all times.
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Support Services

The Support Services Division includes Civil and Warrants, Communications, Crime Analysis, Gate Codes, Information Technology Services, Records, and Reserves.
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Organizational Charts