We Want Your Feedback!

Compliments :

If you would like to commend an Employee or Deputy:

  • Email us at DCSO@DCSheriff.netWrite us by addressing your letter to the Sheriff or Internal Affairs at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, 4000 Justice Way in Castle Rock; or call us 303-663-7209.

Please include the employee’s name, what happened and the notable act.  Your compliment will be forwarded to the Sheriff, the employee and their supervisor.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to recognize them.

Complaints :

The Sheriff’s Office is accountable for the official acts of employees. We acknowledge this responsibility through a system of investigative and disciplinary procedures to correct the deputy or employee when improper conduct is evident and protect the employee who performs in a legal and appropriate manner.

If you were treated improperly or unfairly, we encourage you to come forward as soon as practical after the incident. Memories fade with time and a more accurate outcome is likely if we can begin our investigation right away.  You can make an anonymous complaint, however, without your name and contact information, we cannot let you know the outcome.

If you do not want to lodge a formal complaint, you may talk to the deputy or employee’s supervisor about your concerns. If the supervisor doesn’t resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you can still lodge a formal complaint.

To make a formal complaint:
  • Email us at DCSO@DCSheriff.netWrite us. Address your letter to the Sheriff or Internal Affairs at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, 4000 Justice Way, Castle Rock, CO or Call us  303-663-7209.

After a compliant is filed, an investigator from the Internal Affairs Unit with special training will investigate in some cases. In less serious cases, the employee’s direct supervisor may investigate. All reports undergo a thorough review to ensure a complete and accurate investigation.  We strive to complete investigations within 30 days; complicated allegations may take longer to resolve.

You will be notified of the final disposition of your complaint and whether misconduct occurred. We cannot disclose the details of discipline that may have been imposed.

The Internal Affairs staff is available to answer any additional questions you have at 303-814-7021.