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Trumbull Reopened, Restrictions remain for use of the South Platte River

Trumbull Reopened, Restrictions remain for use of the South Platte River

As of this morning, the bridge at Trumbull has been inspected by civil engineers and has been deemed safe for all use. The bridge is now open to all traffic. In addition, all the roads along the river have been reopened for all users.

We urge citizens to please use caution as Road & Bridge personnel will remain in the area making repairs.

River levels continue to slowly decrease but remain very high for this time of year. As such, the river remains closed to the use of all single chambered air inflated devices, such as belly boats, inner tubes and single chambered rafts, body surfing and swimming.

Please remain diligent as thunderstorms have the potential to cause rapid rises in river levels.

The below restrictions are still in effect:

Douglas and Jeffco Sheriff’s Offices close South Platte River 

Douglas County, CO. – Out of an abundance of caution, the Jefferson and Douglas County Sheriff’s Offices have closed the South Platte River and the North Fork of the South Platte River from the Jefferson / Park County line to Chatfield Reservoir until further notice. The river is closed to all recreational use, including tubing, rafting, kayaking, fishing and swimming.

Law enforcement and emergency personnel are asking people to stay away from shorelines with fast moving water because of the dangers associated with the higher water levels and localized flooding.  Recent emergencies have included people, pets and cars being swept away.