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9 Tips to Prevent Package Theft

9 Tips to Prevent Package Theft

The holidays are just about here, which means that you might be expecting packages to arrive. Here are 9 tips that will help prevent package theft:

1) Choose a shipping option so you have to sign for delivery (and tell friends and relatives who may be shipping you packages to do the same). If you can specify that only the person whose name is on the package sign for it, make that happen.

2) Keep an eye on the package’s delivery status so you know when to expect it (then you can either be home or leave a note for the delivery person to deliver it to a neighbor). If friends/relatives are sending something, ask them to send you the tracking number.

3) Get to know your carriers. Typically they have the same person on ‘your route’.  Introduce yourself and get to know them where possible. Having a connection to who is delivering your packages will help get better service. If there has been a problem with stolen packages in your neighborhood, tell them about it.

4) Ship the package to another location if you aren’t generally home such as your office or a neighbor/friends’ home. (Check work to make sure this is allowed.)

5) Leave special instructions where to deliver packages if you are not going to be home.

6) Choose “delivery pick up” so they hold your package rather than leave it on your vacant doorstep or in your open vestibule.

7) If you live in a building, set up a way to have neighbors hold each others’ packages rather than leave them in a common area.

8) Insure your packages, just to be safe.

9) Always report suspicious activity in your area. This includes suspicious persons and vehicles. You can call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at 303-660-7500, or call 911 for an emergency.