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Threats to Rocky Heights Middle School- Not Credible

Threats to Rocky Heights Middle School- Not Credible

On April 11th, a student at Rocky Heights Middle School reported to school staff that a fellow student made a threat to bring a gun to school.

The School Resource Officer along with the Douglas County School District immediately started an investigation to evaluate the credibility of the threat. During the investigation it was discovered that the reported threat was fabricated by another student out of spite and that the threat did not have any credibility.

Over the last two days, different versions of this fabricated threat have been spreading throughout the Rocky Heights Community. Embellishments of the threat included the claim of a hit list and bullets found, a teacher was killed at the school, and students were escorted out of the building surrounded by armed guards.

At this time we would like to ask parents to speak with their kids about being responsible on social media and not spreading or creating rumors. Rumors such as these cause undue alarm to students, parents, and staff, taxing law enforcement resources and could result in criminal charges.

Sheriff Tony Spurlock wants to ensure the community that student safety is a high priority for the Sheriff’s Office. We work very closely with the Douglas County School District to ensure the highest level of security possible at our schools.