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Become A Reserve Deputy

Ever dreamed about working in law enforcement? Our Reserve Deputy program lets you serve and protect in your free time. The volunteers allow the sheriff’s office to provide better—and expanded service—across the county.  The reserves work in every area of the sheriff’s office, including on patrol, with detectives, and in the jail.

You must have been through a full police academy and are currently still POST certified or were previously fully certified here or in another state and have attended a refresher academy to be eligible to apply. Volunteers must be Colorado P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers Standards and Training) certified.

Reserves are actual law enforcement officers. They are required to maintain the same standards, receive the same training, and follow the same rules and laws as full-time, paid law enforcement.

Most of our reserve deputies have full-time paid jobs and are business owners, financial consultants, security officials, and other professionals.

To learn more about the Reserve Deputy program, please email Sgt. Jeff Bredehoeft at or call 303-814-7102.