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Hazmat Team

The Hazardous Materials Response Team (HMRT) is a multi-agency response team made up of a highly select group of dedicated technicians and specialists from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Due to its dangerous nature, this is a volunteer only assignment. This ability requires many years of training, certification and diligence not found elsewhere.

The team’s primary mission is to respond to criminal releases of hazardous materials, mitigate the effects, investigate, and prepare for possible prosecution. Other missions include ensuring the safety and security of the Justice Center and evidence facilities through analyzing unknown chemicals, supporting executive / dignitary protection details, processing illicit laboratories, radiological incidents and other WMD scenarios.

To accomplish these goals, the team is equipped and trains with an array of specialized detection and monitoring equipment for analysis of unknown chemicals, explosive atmospheres, toxic environments, radiological materials, gas monitoring, and others.

The Hazardous Materials team was created in 1994 to enhance the response capabilities of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office when responding to incidents involving hazardous materials. Hazardous materials incidents commonly involve criminal negligence and/or specific criminal intent. For this reason, the sheriff’s office maintains the ability and personnel qualified to mitigate the effects of the incident, investigate, and prepare for possible prosecution.