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Missed Court/Summons Scam

Scammers calling as DCSD “deputy” saying people missed a federally court ordered summons to appear in court. It is important to know

Emergency Management Director Debrah Schnackenberg

Emergency Management Director Debrah Schnackenberg


Debrah joined the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in June 2015.  Prior to joining Douglas County, Debrah worked for the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association & PetAid Colorado as their Chief Operating Officer and Director of Disaster Services, led a disaster response team for a national non-profit for 8 years and spent 23 years as a manager and executive in the telecommunications industry.

Debrah’s duties include coordination, facilitation, and collaboration for disaster incidents in Douglas County.  She directs coordination of the Incident Management Team (IMT), management of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and is a member of several regional and state-level emergency management working committees.

Debrah is a graduate of American Public University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Management.