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Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit concentrates on investigation of crimes against children, crimes against “At Risk Persons,” and the elderly. The detectives assigned to this unit have specialized training in how to interview the victims of these types of crime. The detectives in this unit investigate all sexual assaults, indecent exposure, child abuse, death investigations involving children, suspicious incidents involving children, violation of custody orders, and runaways.

The SVU detectives also work closely with the Douglas County Human Services in investigating the crimes committed against the special victims. This relationship with the Department of Human Services assists the victims in securing their future safety.

Child victims are brought to SungateKids Children’s Advocacy Center after the time of the crime and SungateKids serves as an unbiased resource to the law enforcement and child protective services agencies by providing forensic interviews.

The Special Victims Unit consists of a sergeant and four detectives.