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Internet Crimes Against Children

Internet Crimes Against Children

This ICAC detective gets assistance from SVU detectives on ICAC cases. Both the ICAC and SVU detectives follow-up on tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. These tips can be internet related crimes or other types of crimes where a child is a victim like child prostitution and child sex tourism.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is a member of the Colorado ICAC Task Force. This task force is made up of several agencies throughout the State of Colorado with the goal of catching individuals that use the internet or other wireless devices who prey upon children in an attempt to exploit them for various means.

The ICAC Task Force takes great strides in educating the community in the dangers of not only internet predators but, the importance of preserving personal information, and knowing boundaries of social networking sites.

Each individual member of the task force works closely with State and Federal agencies to ensure that child predators receive maximum sentences and are held accountable for their actions against the children in our communities. We have incorporated a portion of Internet Safety into the YESS program so that the students in Douglas County receive additional safety information on a society that is utilizing more and more technology.

The Sheriff is very proud of the training and safety information provided to the community as he sees the potential victim pool for child predators in a technological society.

Currently, the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC) consists of one detective that is supervised by the Special Victims Unit Sergeant.