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Sheriff’s Office Invites You to Have a “Howling Good Time”

Sheriff’s Office Invites You to Have a “Howling Good Time”

Put on your fancy duds and join us at the 11th Annual Howling Good Time Gala at Cielo at Castle Pines! What is this, you ask? This is a yearly fundraiser that supports the Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit.
Franktown Animal Clinic has cared for the veterinary needs of the dogs of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit since 1997. In 2011, when two of the four dogs on the Unit were set to retire, they wanted to do more for these K-9 Officers who gave so much to our community. That, plus the fact that the Sheriff’s Office didn’t have the means to replace the retiring dogs, is how the public charity Friends of Douglas County K-9 was started.
With the exception of deputy salaries and vehicles, the DCSO K-9 Unit is funded almost entirely by community donations. You may not know this, but when a DCSO K-9 retires, the deputy has always purchased him or her from the Sheriff’s Office for $1. The deputy is then entirely responsible for that dog’s care, including veterinary and medical services. Healthcare for these retired heroes can cost many thousands of dollars – straight out of a hard-working deputy’s pocket.  This fundraiser will help offset those costs and let the retired K9s live happy and healthy lives after giving so much to their community. 
Proceeds support the DCSO K9 Unit, and there are a few tickets as well as sponsorship options left—hit the link and help us support the furry heroes who protect Douglas County every day!