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Sheriff Spurlock’s Statement to Tri-County Health’s “Stay at Home” Public Health Order

Sheriff Spurlock’s Statement to Tri-County Health’s “Stay at Home” Public Health Order

Yesterday, Governor Polis issued a “Stay at Home” public health order. You can view the order by clicking here. This afternoon, Tri-County Health rescinded their “Stay at Home” public health order. This means, that Douglas County residents are only governed under the one order, the Governor’s order.

This order is lawful and Sheriff Spurlock is authorized to enforce this order. Below is a statement from Sheriff Spurlock in reference to the new order.

“I have been working with all our local and state partners for a number of weeks now to make sure that the voice of our community and as well as the needs of local law enforcement have been heard.  While this order, as well as the State’s order have come from those who’s duty is to protect the health of our community, it did not come without much input and many suggestions from law enforcement representatives. 

I am authorized to enforce this order but am optimistic that enforcement will not be necessary, and that if there are instances where complaints are received, that education will be all that is needed to obtain cooperation. It is NOT my intent to look for groups of people or stop people driving from home to other locations. We will respond to complaints but understand that we will evaluate each complaint individually and address the citizens with the utmost of discretion and education in mind.

We have responsible and accountable citizens who respect the rule of law and are involved and passionate about their community.”