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Sheriff Spurlock Warns of Latest Phishing Scam

Sheriff Spurlock Warns of Latest Phishing Scam

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is aware of a recent and prolific email phishing scam targeting private citizens. We believe this is a result of hackers recently obtaining 267 Million Facebook ID’s, email addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth.

The scammers are contacting people via email that they have their passwords, FB contact lists, cell phone contacts, etc. They further tell them that they have their computers activity for nearly the last 200 days.

The scammers may threaten to expose their lewd activities on webcam or their visits to porn sites, and all this activity has been recorded and threaten to send these activities to people in their contact lists.

They further tell the victims to send them $2000 in Bitcoin to make them go away and to delete their alleged activities and browser history.

The DCSO Financial Crimes Unit is recording and tracking this information and recommends that you file a report with the Sheriff’s Office, change your passwords, delete the email, and DO NOT pay the suspects.