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Sheriff Spurlock Enacts Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

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Sheriff Spurlock Enacts Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

By order of Sheriff Tony Spurlock, Stage 1 fire restrictions are now in place.  Ordinance No. O-012-004 restricts open fires, open burning, and the use of fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Douglas County.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Open burning of any kind.
  • Use of Fireworks

Allowable Activities:

  • Fires within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves, fireplaces within buildings, charcoal grill fires within developed residential or commercial areas, and fires within wood-burning stoves within buildings only.
  • Professional fireworks displays that are permitted according to section 12-28-103 of the C.R.S.
  • Fire suppression or fire department training fires.
  • Small recreational fires at a developed picnic or campground sites contained in fixed permanent metal/steel fire pits (rock fire rings are considered temporary and not permanent) with flame lengths not in excess of four feet; or the residential use of charcoal grills, tiki torches, fires in chimineas, or other portable fireplaces or patio fire pits, so long as said fires are supervised by a responsible person at least 18 years of age.

Violation of these fire restrictions is a Class-2 Petty Offense, punishable by up to a $1000.00 fine and a $10.00 surcharge.

Additional information on fire restrictions stages can be located at the Douglas County Emergency Management website:


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