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PayPal/Bitcoin Purchase Scam

Senior Blog

PayPal/Bitcoin Purchase Scam

From Citizen,

This morning, I received an email from ********** with an invoice purporting to be from PayPal for a bitcoin purchase. The Paypal invoice looks very official. The PayPal logo looks pretty authentic. My clues to this being a scam are that the transmitting email, though dated today, starts with “Good evening”, the format for the contact phone number is incorrect (in that each block of numbers is enclosed in parentheses, instead of just the area code), and the body of the invoice says to contact “the Cancellation Department”, not the Customer Service. I have checked my credit card providers and my banks to verify that no money has actually been transmitted. Someone less suspicious of internet fraud could easily mistake this for a real communication from PayPal and then call that very unusual number to attempt to cancel the supposed transaction. One can only guess what would happen once that phone call was made.

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