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Online Retailer Bill SCAM

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Online Retailer Bill SCAM

Stoneberry, an online retailer, sent me a bill for $482.86. I had never heard of the company. I rarely spend that kind of money. The next month it was $481.14, but interest of $8.28 was accruing. The Customer Statement did not state what was purchased, just a reference number. I noticed more oddities on the statements, so I called the company and asked what was purchased or for the last 4 digits of the credit card used. They couldn’t say. Eventually I was transferred again and spoke with someone in the supposed fraud dept. who tried to get more info from me. I asked for a supervisor as I was not being provided with a name and/or a direct number to speak directly to an agent assigned to my fraudulent charges. I was told they didn’t do business that way. Eventually, I was told I would get a letter in the mail verifying my transaction as fraud and to not pay it.

They were good with the run around. I never gave them what they asked for. I did confirm the address they were sending the bills to. That’s all I confirmed. I questioned why I would give them any of my info without first talking to someone assigned to my case from the fraud dept. I did threaten to go to my local police and report the company as fraudulent. I did receive a “confirming fraud letter” five days later.

Is everything resolved? I’m not sure yet. I will be taking action to find out what if anything gets reported on my credit rating next month.

Thanks to my friend at the Sheriff’s Office for her support and knowledge on how to address my concern with this matter!!

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