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May 2023= The Computer Takeover Scam.

This month, the scam for all citizens to be aware of is the computer takeover scam. This scam comes in many ways, email, phone, or a pop-up ads on your computer. All are saying a similar statement, “your computer has a virus, contact us at (phone number)” or “Your anti-virus software is about to be canceled, call us at (phone number).” When the victim calls the number, the suspects quickly ask to gain access to your computer. Once the criminals gain access, they have all your information, including personal/banking info. Others, after gaining access to your computer, ask you to log into your bank. They “accidentally” give you a large sum of money, asking you to return it. In reality, they just moved your money from your savings to your checking account.  


Many citizens are being tricked into this scam, losing much of their earnings. 


DO NOT give computer access to anyone that reaches out to you. All legitimate anti-virus companies WILL NOT call, email, or pop up about a virus on your computer. The best protective measure we can take is to always find another way to communicate. For instance, with this scam, you receive a pop-up ad stating you have a virus. TAKE YOUR TIME and look at everything.  


– There will be a company on the ad, is it your anti-virus company? No, it is a scam. Yes, is there another way you can verify this concern?  

– Can you find another accurate number associated with the company without using the phone number they gave you?  

– ONLY use the true and accurate numbers. NEVER USE the numbers they provide you.


We need to become our own detectives. Think of these messages (all- pop-ups/ phone/ email) as intelligence. This message is stating I have a virus. I do not want a virus on my computer. Is there ANOTHER WAY I can confirm this concern? 


Remember, there are companies you can go to for assistance. Use your loved ones, trusted sources, or even your local law enforcement to verify your intel.



For the month of May scam- tell the scammers, “You MAY not have access to my computer!”