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Large-Scale Wildfire Exercise to be Held in Douglas County

Large-Scale Wildfire Exercise to be Held in Douglas County

NARRATIVE: DOUGLAS COUNTY, CO –The Douglas County Office of Emergency Management will be conducting a full-scale wildfire exercise on Saturday, October 1, 2022, in the Franktown area, starting around 9:45 am.

This exercise, “The ’86 Fire”, will simulate a fast-moving fire that starts in the area of Hwy 83 and Hwy 86, which will move into the Burning Tree Subdivision.  The objectives of this exercise will be to:

  1. Test Alert and Warning Protocols/Systems
  2. Test Evacuation Plan and Protocols; for law enforcement and residents
  3. Test and practice the initial response and attack of the fire
  4. Test Emergency Operation Center and Incident Management Team Coordination and Operation in the drill

The public will likely see a heavy response to the area by police and fire personnel.  The response will likely include an emergency response; with lights and sirens activated. There will also be a heavy presence at Sagewood Middle School as this will be the location of the exercise command center.

Homeowners from a number of Franktown area HOAs will also be part of the exercise, practicing evacuation from their homes to a designated shelter.

For the Media Only-If you wish to observe this exercise, please contact DCSO PIO, Deputy Heyden at the above phone number, for coordination.

More information prior to the exercise will be posted on our social media platforms as well as information on that day will be posted to our Twitter Page, @dcsheriff.