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How can the Sheriff’s Office help you?

How can the Sheriff’s Office help you?

In order to streamline the process when a citizen calls the Sheriff Office, we have developed a new system to route the caller to the intended area more efficiently.  As calls from citizens have increased, it was determined that we needed a better method to assist the citizens more effectively.

Starting immediately, when someone calls the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency administrative line, 303-660-7505, they will hear a recording that says, “You have reached the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. If this is a life-threatening emergency, please hang up and dial 9-1-1. Please listen carefully and make a selection from the following: for a non-emergent police response, press 1; for investigations, press 2; for the jail, press 3; for records, press 4; and for all other inquiries, press 5 and you will be transferred to the receptionist.”

The services that may be provided for each section:

Press #1 For a non-emergent police response (dispatch) – These are cold report calls that pose no safety threat to a person or property. A few examples may be a call of criminal mischief (property damage), vehicle trespass, or harassment (where there is no suspect present at any of these call types).

Press #2 For Investigations – For questions related to an existing case or to speak with the detective or victim advocate assigned to your case.

Press #3 For the Jail – To speak to someone regarding inmate information, booking, or visitation information.

Press #4 For Records – To request a copy of a report, copy of dispatch recordings, video from body-worn camera, and other digital evidence or jail records.

Press #5 For all other inquiries – You will be transferred to the receptionist.

Please be aware that after regular business hours some calls may go to a voicemail and those messages will be returned as soon as possible.

Sheriff Spurlock stated, “As our population grows, we must always be looking for more efficient ways to serve our citizens as well as those that choose to spend time in our community. This new system is a perfect example of that.”