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Having Trouble Delivering Your Package Scam

Senior Blog

Having Trouble Delivering Your Package Scam

From Citizen,

I received a text message I originally thought was from UPS saying that “we are having trouble delivering your package due to an incorrect address.  Please update your address details to avoid your package will be returned to the seller.  They gave me a link to correct this.  I was expecting a package and thought this was the reason it was delayed.  When I clicked on the link, it asked for much more than just my address to include my credit card information.  I thought it was weird, the money was already taken from my account and there was no need for my card number.  I also thought I was just correcting my address.  I closed the link and reviewed the text.

The person who sent this to me sent it with an email address- ************* .  It did have “UPS” in the email address but in the beginning part and it was with quotations, making me feel very uneasy about it.  The link it asked me to click also did not seem legitimate to me, address.uspostalservice84.********* with question marks, random numbers and other signs that did not make sense to me.

I looked up my original tracking number and called the UPS number I found on google.  They were able to tell me where my package was and the real reason it was delayed.

I was also worried about opening the link.  I notified my bank, and they told me that no money was taken out.  After a week or so of checking my account, I am confident they did not get access to my account.

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