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Have a plan and build a kit

If you do not have a plan or an emergency kit, taking the following steps can create a more orderly and rapid response during a disaster:


Take time now to create your personal evacuation plan for your family and your pets.

Shelter in Place:

Sometimes emergency officials will ask you to stay where you are.

  • Go inside immediately
    Take yourself and anyone near you inside an enclosed structure, whether it’s a house, business, garage, or vehicle. Contact your neighbors and tell them to remain indoors as well. Keep any pets inside. Gather a portable radio, flashlight, and extra batteries. Move to an interior room, preferably a room with no windows.
  • Tune the Radio to AM 850 
    The metro area broadcasts emergency information on the radio station at 850 on the AM dial.
  • Stay off phones
    County officials may try to telephone your home or business using the county’s computerized telephone notification system. Do not call the police, fire, or 9-1-1 unless you are reporting a police, fire, or medical emergency at your location. Overloaded telephone circuits may keep actual emergency calls from getting through.

What If My Children Are in School?

The Douglas County School District has installed emergency notification radios (NOAA) in all schools. The schools have also been equipped with School Safe radios, allowing officials the ability to talk with first responders. They’ve been trained to protect your children and will shelter them in place until the emergency is over.

Please do NOT call the school and tie up telephone lines needed by school staff to communicate with district officials. The district will notify you when it’s safe to pick up your children.