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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Leads Cleanup Effort at Shooting Range

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Leads Cleanup Effort at Shooting Range

Douglas County, CO – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office recently led a cleanup effort at the Turkey Tracks shooting range located in Pike National Forest in Douglas County, Colorado. The initiative was undertaken to address safety concerns by residents of the Trout Creek neighborhood, which is close to the popular shooting range. Due to the high volume of use, the range had become littered with debris, including spent shell casings, targets, and other trash. This posed a significant safety risk, as the debris could cause accidents, fires, and injuries to both shooters and wildlife in the area.

Douglas County Sheriff Darren Weekly and members of his command staff recently attended a community meeting to hear residents’ concerns. Within two weeks of the meeting, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office organized a cleanup event in collaboration with the Trout Creek neighborhood. Deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office joined Douglas County Public Works and dozens of community members, armed with gloves, masks, and garbage bags, to tackle the mess left behind by previous shooters.

The crews removed 26 tons of litter, spent shell casings, and old targets.  Some of the notable items found were a couple of downed trees from gunfire, propane tanks, tv’s, wooden target stands, t-posts, tires/rims, brake shoes, cardboard/paper targets, plastic bottles, and thousands of spent shell casings.

This cleanup effort is a testament to the power of community involvement and demonstrates the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office commitment to serving our community.

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