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Douglas County Experiencing a Trend of Vehicle Trespasses

Douglas County Experiencing a Trend of Vehicle Trespasses

Warning Sign Lockit or Lose It


Since late July and early August, The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports of vehicle trespasses. The areas of Highlands Ranch and Parker have seen the highest increase of these incidents, but areas in Roxborough and Castle Rock have also been targeted. The majority of these crimes occur in the late afternoon in parking lots of parks and trailheads. Several other cases have occurred overnight and in the early morning hours. In most of these cases, vehicle doors are being left unlocked and valuables are being left in plain sight inside vehicles, such as purses, wallets, and electronic devices.

Small easy to carry objects are the main items taken. In some cases the remote for the garage door opener is stolen. If you are a victim and your remote is stolen, immediately have the code for your garage door opener changed.

Detectives are currently working on other suspect leads and ask, If you hear something, say something. Please notify the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office immediately of any suspicious activity at 303-660-7500 or dial 911 in an emergency.

If you have any information on these crimes, you are asked to contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at, 303 660-7579.

In an effort to confront this community problem the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has installed warning signs in all of our parks and trailheads.  The signs have also been installed in all of the Highlands Ranch Metro District parks and trailheads.

Here are a few tips to help deter these types of crimes:

  • Always remove or conceal all valuables.
  • Always close your windows and lock your doors.
  • If you park at parks or trailheads, leave your valuables at home, or secure them in the trunk of the vehicle.
  • Do NOT keep your vehicle’s keys in the vehicle or garage
  • Take the remote control for your garage door opener inside with you..
  • Use an audible alarm or other disabling devices.
  • Park in well-lighted areas where your vehicle can be seen. Vehicle parked in the driveway? Park the vehicle closest to exterior lights and keep them on all night.
  • If parking in a garage, be sure to close your garage door and lock your car doors.

Talk with your neighbors.

Ask them to report any suspicious persons or activities around your home to your local law enforcement agency or the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Good neighbors make safe neighborhoods.

PIO Contact Sergeant Derek Castellano 303-814-7083