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Deputy Parrish Funeral Motorcade Information

Deputy Parrish Funeral Motorcade Information

A law enforcement motorcade will follow the family procession to the church prior to the ceremony. The motorcade will start their route at approximately 8:45am from Northbound I-25 at Plum Creek Parkway with rolling closures (closed when the motorcade is present, open when it is clear) along the following route:

  • Northbound on I-25 from Plum Creek Parkway to Lincoln Avenue.
  • Westbound on Lincoln, then University, to Wildcat Reserve Parkway.
  • Southbound from Wildcat Reserve Parkway to Grace Boulevard.
  • Westbound on Grace Boulevard to Cherry Hills Community Church.


Keep in mind that the “closure” of I-25 is defined as “rolling closure.” I-25 will not be permanently closed during the total duration of the motorcade. The highway and all other roads in the path of the motorcade will be opened immediately after the motorcade drives by each location.

There will be NO PARKING permitted along I25 for viewing, but media and the public are welcome to view from a safe location along Lincoln Ave. or University Blvd.