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County Sheriff’s of Colorado Welcomes New Executive Director

County Sheriff’s of Colorado Welcomes New Executive Director

After much consideration, the County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC) have selected a new executive director, Amy Nichols, to begin on December 30, 2019. Amy has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 13 years focusing her efforts primarily on transportation safety and health initiatives. She has extensive experience in delivering evidence-based educational programs to all ages of drivers and passengers, advocating for safe driving legislation, partnering with law enforcement and raising awareness of this public health issue. In addition to her work as Executive Director of Drive Smart of the Rockies, Amy is also executive director and co-founder of Brandon & Paul Foundation, a nonprofit committed to preventing teen and young adult crashes. She serves as Vice President of the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation board of directors and is an active member on several local and statewide committees. Her background includes nonprofit management, leadership, fundraising, public speaking, and grief advising services. Her diverse experience and education provide a solid foundation as she works to create a cultural shift in our acceptance of car crashes as an inevitable outcome to driving.

CSOC is confident Amy will be a great fit for the County Sheriffs of Colorado, we look forward to our new executive director taking office at the end of the month.

Tony Spurlock
President CSOC

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