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Costco Alert Scam

Senior Blog

Costco Alert Scam

From Citizen,

I get alerts from my Costco card when I go over a certain amount but got one that says I had a charge for $1.98. I assumed someone had my number and were testing if they could get away with it before using it. I called the card and it’s not their alert. It looks EXACTLY like the alerts I get, even showing my card in top right saying I was a member since 2017. And the last digits of my card! I made the mistake of clicking on the merchant. I backed out immediately. They were fronting as a security system for PC’s. It had a huge red button that says CANCEL and another that says REFUND. I’m hoping it would take me clicking on one of those. I did not. The email said Citi alerts just like always until I clicked on it. I read it to the customer service rep on the phone and she said that’s not us. It was ******

I think of myself as pretty scam savvy and it’s why I called but am mad I clicked on the merchant. But that’s what I do with my normal alerts. Scary stuff they can duplicate Citi’s alert system! We’re forced to do everything online and I feel like we can’t really trust anything financial online these days

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