Sometimes, civil disputes escalate into serious conflicts. While deputies can help defuse the situation, it’s not always the best way to resolve it. That’s why we offer mediation.

Mediation allows a neutral third party to help resolve the dispute before it escalates into a crime. Mediation allows everyone to talk about their concerns in a safe and productive environment, reaching a cooperative and beneficial resolution. The solutions are often more cost-effective, timely, comprehensive, and lasting.

Our mediation program is run by Peak Facilitation Group  a Colorado-based small business that offers facilitation and mediation services.  It is a free service.

How do we get a mediator?

First and foremost, everyone involved has to agree to it. If that’s the case, anyone at the sheriff’s office can refer you to mediation or you can ask for a mediator by calling us at 303-660-7544.

How does mediation work?

Peak Facilitation Group will contact everyone involved and explain the benefits and process. Then, they’ll schedule a date for mediation. All parties involved must agree to confidentiality, which creates the safe place necessary for honesty and a lasting solution.

Can my dispute be mediated?

Mediators can tackle many issues and help you resolve them with collaboration and cooperation.

  • Community conflict – This could include fights about barking dogs, property lines, loud music, parked cars and more.
  • Land use Issues – Disputes about complex infill, zoning issues, historic preservation and other land use issues.
  • County disputes – If you’re in disagreement with the county, mediators can bring together the parties to find a resolution.
  • Landlord-tenant issues – Mediators can help you work out differences.