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Security Surveys and Business Watch

Security Surveys & Business Watch

Security Surveys :

  • The DCSO Community Resources Unit offers free surveys of your home or business to help keep you, your family, and/or your employees, customers, or co-workers safe.
    • A DCSO staff member will come to your home or business and walk through the facility and evaluate security.
    • They’ll give you a written assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the physical security of the facility, along with recommendations to improve it.
For a Security Survey, please call 303-660-7544.

Business Watch :

  • We’ll also help you setting up a Business Watch. The Business Watch Program encourages businesses to partner with their neighboring businesses and with law enforcement to share information and protect each other from criminals.

    • Example – Criminals attempt to use a stolen credit card and go from one business to another to use the card as often as possible before it’s reported stolen. The Business Watch Program recommends any business that becomes suspicious, or is informed that the card is stolen immediately contact the other businesses and law enforcement so that the theft can be stopped and the criminal apprehended

To start a Business Watch, please call 303-660-7544.