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Car Driven by Teen Collides with House in Highlands Ranch

Car Driven by Teen Collides with House in Highlands Ranch

NARRATIVE: DOUGLAS COUNTY, CO – A white SUV that was seen speeding away from the area of a “shots fired” call ended up crashing into a house less than a mile away.

On 09/23/2022, at around 10:45 pm, deputies who were initially responding to the 9000 block of Miners Place in Highlands Ranch, CO on the call of a traffic and noise complaint, heard shots being fired from a large gathering of people in the same area.  At the same time, dispatch received multiple calls about shots being fired from that same location. It was unknown at the time if anyone had been injured because of the shots fired.

One of the deputies that heard the shots also saw a white Mercedes SUV leave the scene at a high rate of speed, and he aired that information to the other deputies responding.  Another deputy spotted the car in the area and turned around, thinking that it was the car that could have been involved with the shots being fired.  The deputy attempted to stop the car by turning on his lights and activating his siren. The driver refused to comply.  The Mercedes entered a neighborhood about a half mile away from the original call, and at one point, the deputy lost sight of it.  The deputy spotted the car again on Forrest Drive and tried to catch up to it but lost sight again as it went around a curve.  Once the deputy drove around the same curve, he saw that the car had crashed into a house on the 8600 block of Forrest Drive.

Three juvenile females got out of the car and were immediately detained.  The driver, age 16, and the passenger, age 17, were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.  The back passenger, age 16, was not injured. The house was occupied at the time, but no one inside was injured.

The driver was released to a parent pending potential charges of Vehicular eluding, DUI, and Reckless Driving. While it was determined that these juveniles were not the ones that had fired the shots on Miners Place, they were at the scene when it occurred.

The investigation into the shots being fired on Miners Place is still open and ongoing.