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Lost and Found Animals

Lost and Found

Who do I call if I found an animal?

If you have found a pet, contact Douglas County Animals Services (DCAS) at 303-660-7529.  An animal welfare officer will take a description of the dog and then work to match it with a dog which has been reported lost.

What do I do if I lost my animal?

Call DCAS at 303-660-7529.  An animal welfare officer will take a report and get your contact information. This will allow us to contact you if someone reports the animal running loose, impounded, or found by a resident.

You should also visit The Buddy Center at least every two days to see if your pet has been brought in by a resident.

You should also check with local veterinarians and emergency clinics. Talk to your neighbors in case some Good Samaritan found your pet. Put up flyers describing your pet with a recent picture. Advertise in the paper. Give as much information as you can afford.

Be sure your pets are wearing collars, complete with identification and rabies tags.  Microchip implants are also a great way to make sure your animal gets home safely.

I found a stray dog/cat. Can I keep it?

No. The owner must be provided the opportunity to reunite with their pet.

If you’re interested in adopting the pet if the owner does not reclaim it, we will give you the first opportunity. This ensures the pet will “legally” be yours.

File a complaint about an animal here.

Want more information read more about Animal Laws.