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Animal Control Officers Appreciation Week

Animal Control Officers Appreciation Week

Shout-out to our partners with Douglas County Animal Services as we celebrate #AnimalControlOfficersAppreciationWeek. Meet the team and learn about their role in our community.
Douglas County Animal Services (DCAS) is comprised of Sergeant Bry Munns, who has 5 years of service; Corporal Paul Karwoski, who has 6 years of service; Officer Omar Mohamed, who has over 1 year of service; Officer Jackie Mauerman, who has over 1 year of service, and Officer Ashley Kitchens, who has 8 months of service.
“We service all of unincorporated Douglas County and respond to calls for animal bites and aggressive animals, animal welfare concerns, dogs running at large, barking dogs, and many other domestic animal-related issues. We primarily handle calls regarding dogs, cats, and horses- but oversee anything considered a household pet. We are incredibly proud to be contracted with and supported by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. We strive to improve public safety and responsible pet ownership by working to be a positive resource in the community. We value our ability to be a voice for the voiceless. We couldn’t do it at the level we do it without our continued support from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office,” said Sergeant Munns.
Thank you, team, for all you do for our Office and the Douglas County community.